The Open Orders tab on the  My Trading panel shows all of your current open orders:

This tab lists all of the open orders to buy or sell shares you currently have live in the market. The following information is shown:

  • Shares: This is the number of shares you wanted to buy or sell with your original order. 
  • Price: The buy or sell price listed on your order.
  • Filled: How many of your shares have been matched to date. You may have entered an order to buy 50 shares at 20 have been matched. The Filled column will show that 20 matched shares.
  • Open: Shows how much of your original order is still waiting to be matched. Using the example above: if 20 of your 50 shares have been matched, 30 shares will be shown here in the Open column.
  • Status: This tells you if your order has been unmatched (none of your original order has been matched so far) or partially matched (some of your original has been matched).

You also have the option to cancel your Open Orders - by hovering over the open order and clicking the X icon. Or you can cancel all of your Open Orders using the CANCEL ALL button at the top of the tab:

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