The Positions tab on the  My Trading panel shows all of your current trading positions:

The following information is shown:

  • Shares: This shows the size of your position. Long positions (where you've bought shares) are shown as a green positive number, while short positions (where you've short sold shares) are shown as a red negative number.
  • Avg. Price: This is the average price of your position - the price all profit and loss will be calculated from. This is a weighted average number of you've bought shares at different prices.
  • Realized P/L: This is actual profit or loss from trading shares. If you've bought shares and then sold them again for a higher price (or sold them first and then bought back later for a lower price) you'll generate profit - which will be added to your funds and shown in this column as Realized P/L as a green number. If you've traded shares for a loss, that loss will be shown as a red number. This is a net number, so losses are subtracted from profits to get the net overall profit or loss.
  • Unrealized P/L: This is your potential profit and is calculated by comparing the average price of your position against the last trade price. If you traded into a long (buy) position at 55 and the last trade price was 60 then your Unrealized P/L will be 5 per share. It's important to note that it's not actual profit or loss, it's just a guide to how much your profit or loss would be given the current market prices.
  • Total P/L: This number is your Realized P/L added to your Unrealized P/L.