If your trade is not matched - either in full or in part - the unmatched part of the trade remains open in the market until it is matched. This could happen at any minute, or it may not happen at all.

A order that is waiting to be matched is called an open order. These are managed on the Open Orders tab of the My Trading Panel:

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In the example above, you can see that there are 3 open orders waiting to be matched. One order has been partially matched - as indicated by the corresponding status - while the other 2 have not been matched at all.

What happens to an open order? It remains open in the market until one of three things happen:

  • The order is matched by a new order entered by another trader
  • You cancel the order - this is done by hovering over the open order on the Open Orders tab and clicking the cancel option:
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  • The proposition expires once the outcome is known, at which time the open order is automatically cancelled