The Bid and Ask prices shown in the market data are always the best prices available:

  • The highest Bid price (the highest price you can sell at)
  • The lowest Ask price (the lowest price you can buy at)

For example, in the contest below you can see that for the Patriots to win proposition there are 75 shares available to buy at the best Ask price of 61:

Image Placeholder

But what happens if you want to buy more than 75 shares? You should take a look at the Order Book to see how many other shares are available at other (higher) prices on the Ask side of the market:

Image Placeholder

Here you can see that after the 75 shares you can buy at 69, there is 1 share to buy at 71, followed by 53 shares at 72, and so on.

Pro Tip:

The system will always give you the best price available when buying or selling shares. This is the lowest price when buying and the highest price when selling. So if you were to buy 100 shares at a price of 72, your order would be filled as follows:

  • 75 shares at a price of 69
  • 1 share at a price of 71
  • 24 shares at a price of 72