These beta contests are intended to test the Tradesports technology and user experience. We hope to provide an accurate simulation of what real money trading on the Tradesports platform will be like, but with virtual "play money" currency to provide a risk-free experience during this beta testing phase (no real money will be used for trading during these contests).

The contests are free to join and play – all we ask for in return is your feedback (good or bad).

We'll be running a total of 8 weekly contests, mostly covering a selection of the NFL games being played that week. We'll finish with a grand-final Super Bowl contest that is invite only. Winners of the weekly contests will automatically qualify for the Super Bowl contest. Standout participants who may not have won a contest will also be invited to compete for the grand prize.

There are prizes on offer for all contests. These are as follows:

  • Contests 1-5: $1,000 USD in prizes per contest
  • Contests 6-8: $1,500 USD in prizes per contest
  • Super Bowl contest: $3,000 USD in prizes
  • Total prizes to be awarded: $12,500 USD

The contests are available to anyone who is at least 21 years old living in the United States – with the exception of Washington State.